All Natural Essential Oil Based Insect Repellents.


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All Natural Canpfire Pine Cones

All Natural Campfire Pines

Our pine cones have been dipped in parrafin wax infused with essential oils to be used as kindling on the fire to repel insect. Can be used indoors for aromatherapy benefits. Simply toss one on the fire and enjoy the amazing scent of our island blend while repelling insects such as mosquitoes, fleas and ticks! 


Face and Body Mist - All Natural Insect Repellent

Our face and body mist smells so divine it’s hard to believe it actually repels up to 19 different insects. Our focus is usually on mosquitoes. Created using Organic Witch Hazel  and a blend of 8 essential oils we have created the perfect face and body mist to hydrate, tone, cleanse, moisturize, repel insects while smelling fabulou using all natural product.  Effective and essential for everyday all year round. 


Table Mist - Fly repellent

Our table mist was created to be used in areas where food is being served, prepared or enjoyed or in areas where flies and fruit flies are prone. Created with a special blend of oils that not only smells compatible with any dish but will also repel insects as well, especially flies. 

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We collect Pine Cones!!

We reuse pine cones and collect all of our pines naturally from the ground. If you have any pine cones you would like collected contact us. 

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